When you walk in a restaurant, café or coffee shop there are usually signs all around. The reason for this is because eateries have a continuous need for signs.  Whether it’s a permanent need, like your restaurant shop front name and logo, or a temporary one, like displaying daily menu specials, restaurants of all types use some kind of signage every day.

The main reason would be to promote certain menu options and specials that can vary from day to day. If a new restaurant is opening soon, restaurant owners need a temporary “coming soon”, “opening soon” sign or banner.    Temporary signs can also be used to advise that your restaurant is recruiting or to display special hours during certain seasons.

At signsolutions.ie, we understand these signs types and know the importance of restaurant signs , we’ve outlined different sign types that is best for your restaurant.

Chalkboards are a very popular option and a good choice because it’s cost effective plus all it requires is writing down your special of the day and wiping it off once you’re done with it.  Use colourful chalk and some who has nice readable handwriting to help it stand out and easy to read for your customers.  The key here keep it simple….golden rule is “less is more”.  Chalkboards are easy to move around from day to day as required.

chalkboards copy


Whiteboards are another option similar to Chalkboards.   Cheap and versatile but more for deli type places then upscale or fine dining restaurants.

Another choice for specials and promotions is a window decal or poster. Window decals work great because they can be placed in high visibility areas of your restaurant.  These can be temporary and are best used for a restaurant promotion that will last several months.   A static cling would be better for daily or weekly specials.  Place either of these facing outward on a front window or on your doors for customers to see as soon as they walk in.  Clear window decals are great and do not obstruct light or visibility.

window decals

Window Decals

A poster is a great way to display daily and monthly specials. It is an indoor temporary solution that is inexpensive and easily placed on walls in your restaurant.  You can list your specials and put up a meal deal with text and images as required.

Static clings are a perfect choice for daily and/or weekly specials.  They literally cling to the surface they are applied to.  This can be on a glass window and can easily be removed without any cleaning or hassle.  This option gives you a great way to display your menu options which are reusable as long as they are stored and handled properly.

static cling

Banners are one of the best ways to promote a restaurant opening.  Our banners are high quality and cost effective.  They are weather and water resistant and easy to install and remove.  You can have a “Now Serving” in big letters on your banner to let every person walking by know they should come in and try out your restaurant.  A big advantage for banners is that because of their size and placement on the building it practically impossible for people not to see one.

Rigid signs, made of plastic or acrylic are two great interior options.  You can place them to your restaurant walls or put them on a windowsill.  Rigid plastic signs are a lightweight and durable option.  They are safer to use than glass and can be seen for customers inside or outside depending on the area.

Directional & Seating Signs especially in bigger restaurants that require adjustment seating to accommodate larger parties or busier times, this type of signage is key.  Good options for these signs would be corriboard or foamex signs.  They both work great indoors and are easily fixed to different surfaces.  The foamex signs are a great option which can be placed, hung or fixed easily.  These are made to order in any size and shape.

seating area sign

Directional and Seating Signs

Functional Signage – this can cover many different needs and areas.  For example, a static cling, foamex sign or even rigid plastic sign could easily be put on a bathroom door to let customers know it is currently out of service or being cleaned or an area in the restaurant that is temporarily closed for cleaning etc.  Other signs would include Kitchen and Staff Restaurant Signage visible for staff and kitchen purposes.

Magnets offer a flexible sign that is perfect for many kitchen needs.  This can include storage or food instructions, food handling and food & safety standards.  Simply place these magnets on large fridges, freezers or other metal surface in the kitchen setting and change them as required.

As you can see, there are many types of temporary restaurant signage to choose from. As a restaurant owner, it is important to have the right kind of signs to easily and quickly promote your menu, food specials and promotions.  We’re here to help and guide you to meet your needs in a professional manner.

We look forward to creating your design and manufacturing the sign you require.

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